The 2050 Foundation believes that changing the way private enterprises operate is the most effective strategy to transition to a sustainable society.

Enterprises should move from today's destructive production methods towards production methods that are regenerative: enterprises should operate such that they restore the natural habitat and rebuild communities. 

Business as usual is wrecking the planet

Our current system is founded on unsustainable production and consumption patterns. The take, make, waste model of production is the main driver for climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.


Business can and should be a source of good

We need a new system that factors in the environment and the well-being of future generations.

We believe businesses can deliver innovation and the decisive action required to alter our current trajectory and be a driving force for positive change.


A threat to future generations

With depleted resources, destroyed ecosystems, and a decline in species globally, we can no longer sustain our current economic model.

To avert climate catastrophe and for the well-being of future generations, we need to make fundamental changes in the way we produce and consume our goods and services.


Building a better world for future generations

Global production must shift from destructive to regenerative.

By managing our natural resources responsibly and sustainably, we can:
- revitalize communities,
- restore nature,
- mitigate climate change.


We don't have the time or resources to waste on poor policies

Sustainability initiatives are often ineffective as they are based on incorrect and incomplete data.
To transition to a truly sustainable society, we must develop strategies based on sound and reliable data. Effective strategies require evidence-based solutions to ensure we are on the right track.


We need sustainable initiatives based on reliable data

With metrics that matter
Through grants and investments, we support initiatives with data-driven solutions.

With scientific research,
We support research that targets misconceptions about climate change mitigation.


Business as usual is a dead end


For effective climate interventions

Metrics Matter

The leading principle of the 2050 Foundation is that Metrics Matter and are of fundamental importance for the transition to a sustainable society.

As part of this mission:


The 2050 Foundation is a Public Benefit Foundation and acknowledged as such by the Dutch tax authorities. The foundation provides full transparency on its mission, governance, source of funding, activities and finances.

Grant policy

The grant policy of the 2050 Foundation is inspired by the principles of effective altruism. The 2050 Foundation strictly applies this policy in the evaluation of any grant requests.


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