Incorporation of Metrics Matter Company

The 2050 Foundation has officially incorporated Metrics Matter, a for-profit company, and has injected five million euros in seed capital. This strategic investment is poised to make a significant societal impact while concurrently yielding substantial returns that will propel the mission of the 2050 Foundation forward.

Between 2018 and 2020, the 2050 Foundation and 2050 Capital jointly contributed to the creation of a guide tailored for impact investors and philanthropists. This guide was designed to aid in the assessment and valuation of the anticipated impact of various organizations and projects. In the preface of this guide, we concluded that the implementation of impact quantification on the necessary scale would require advanced software solutions.

In 2022, the 2050 Foundation took the initiative to establish Metrics Matter. The primary goal of this endeavor is to construct the essential infrastructure needed for the widespread discovery, acquisition, and exchange of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) metrics.

The 2050 Foundation committed 5 million euros as seed capital for Metrics Matter. This investment is not only anticipated to generate a significant societal impact but also superior financial returns, aligning with the foundation's mission.

Outsized Impact
Metrics Matter offers essential infrastructure components for the exchange of ESG data across the entire value chain, and it provides these services free of charge.

Through this intervention, Metrics Matter anticipates a substantial increase in the adoption of accurate ESG metrics for strategic decision-making. This, in turn, will contribute to an acceleration of the global transition towards a sustainable society.

Superior Returns
The complimentary services offered by Metrics Matter are part of a meticulously designed strategy aimed at fostering exponential growth.

This strategy positions Metrics Matter to potentially become one of the world's largest B2B service providers, with the ambitious goal of serving over 50 million businesses and 250 million users by 2030. Importantly, this scalability allows Metrics Matter to offer premium services without compromising its impact objectives, mirroring the go-to-market strategy of industry giants such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google.

Exit & Co-Investors
The 2050 Foundation envisions a strategic exit from its investment in Metrics Matter after 2030, with aspirations of achieving a 200x multiple and a valuation of its shares at one billion euros or more. The proceeds from this exit will be reinvested into the 2050 Foundation to further bolster its mission and societal impact.

Both the 2050 Foundation and Metrics Matter welcome mission-aligned investors who share a commitment to making a positive societal impact while benefiting from the financial returns generated by this investment.